Honest Andy

I am happy for Andy Pettitte. Happy for him that he has been put in this situation? No. Although I would rather not see him in this current debacle, he did place himself smack in the middle because of actions he made, therefore he is in a deserving spot.

However, I am happy for Andy Pettitte for staying true. In a world, and a sport, so conscious of image and damage control, Andy Pettitte did something quite rare in a rare situation: he was honest, and extremely open with the media in time of diress. While most public figures would dance around certain questions, Pettitte took them dead on, and gave you a straight answer.

Although I strongly disagree with his decision to take HGH, I am extremely impressed with the way he has handled the whole ordeal. In fact, just the way he has handled it in my eyes almost cancels out the fact that he took HGH in the first place – only twice after two injuries (according to Pettitte).


One Response to Honest Andy

  1. Rick Hancock says:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. You’ve killed Barry Bonds in the past. You need to be consistent. Just because you like the guy doesn’t excuse his behavior or the appropriate criticism.

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