Scariest Hitter

Today ESPN columnist Jayson Stark came out with a story about whom the 30 MLB managers are most scared to pitch to. The vote went something like this:

Albert Pujols: 11 1/3
Vladimir Guerrero: 4
Alex Rodriguez: 4
Manny Ramirez: 3 1/3
David Ortiz: 3
Ichiro Suzuki: 1
Chipper Jones: 1
Chase Utley: 1
Derrek Lee: 1
Miguel Cabrera: 1/3


It seems as if there is somewhat of an even balance between feared hitters in the AL (6) and NL (4), with a slight nod towards the AL; most likely because of the designated hitter. Surprisingly, the last two reigning NL MVP’s were left off the list: Ryan Howard (’06) and Jimmy Rollins (’07). My ’08 NL MVP pick Chase Utley is up there, and would complete the trifecta of back to back to back Phillies winning the NL MVP.

One interesting fact too, is that out of the top 12 players in 2008 thus far who have the most intentional walks, only Pujols ranks among the most feared hitters by the managers.



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